Report by ACR+: Analysis of 135 paper and packaging waste collection systems

Analysis of 135 paper and packaging waste collection systems
ACR+ Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management
Publication Date
October, 2019
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Jean-Benoit Bel
Philippe Micheaux Naudet

The report provides an overview of different organisations and an analysis of the local performances of 135 waste collection systems across Europe. It highlights the diversity of collection systems, with many different sorting systems and combination of collection modes (door-to-door, bring bank, combined, etc.).

This report is a publication of the ACR+ Waste Observatory whose objective is to allow consistent comparisons among local and regional authorities, in order to provide benchmarks on municipal waste management and identify effective waste strategies for quality recycling. The analysed data has been collected in the framework of the H2020 COLLECTORS project, aimed at identifying good practices to improve the quantity of sorted municipal waste leading to high quality recycling.