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Clothes rental - helping to reduce textile waste, greenhouse gas emissions and water footprint

Tale Me clothes renting

Type of organisation or company:

Belgium, France
Brussels, Paris

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Submitted by: 
EASME (after approval by the business owner)
Start/End date: 
01/2015 to 01/2018

Type of funding:

Anna Balez

Tale Me is the first European dressing room to rent clothing for maternity (pregnancy and breastfeeding) and babies/children from 0 to 6 years old. Two periods of life during which clothes are worn for a very short time. Rather than buying, accumulating, or throwing away, Tale Me offers the opportunity to rent clothes. This is a new way of consumption in an ethical and sustainable way as well as being fashionable and trendy.

Main results: 
  • Eco-friendly clothes have been produced and long-term partnership has been forged between Tale Me and a local working sewer for the repair work;
  • A logistical centre has been opened in Brussels, where all packages leave to European countries;
  • The number of the costumers increases continuously and the customers profile is evolving very fast;
  • A website has been created, where online offers are published and orders can be taken;
  • By gaining an increasing  number of customers, the rental, repair and return of clothes business will continue after the closure of the project;
  • Tale Me founder, Anna Balez, was rewarded the second prize of the "L'entrepreneur le plus audacieux 2017" competition.