Varusteleka or how to extend product lifecycle

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Through its webshop, Varusteleka sells military surplus and outdoor gear in Finland. It also buys back products it has sold to customers and resells them as second-hand products.

At the time of purchase, customers get a guarantee that they can return the product, if they no longer need it, and receive a refund of 50% for returning a used product (or 20% if the product is heavily used). 

Varusteleka’s webshop is set up to make returning products easy.

Main results

Varusteleka's approach:

  • saves valuable natural resources by extending product lifecycle,
  • reduces waste,
  • offers an easy and simple way for consumers to get rid of unnecessary items and thereby reduces the amount of idle clothes and accessories in our closets,
  • guarantees durability and re-sell value to consumers.

In 2020 Varusteleka's turnover increased by more than 24% compared to 2019, reaching over €18M.