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Carsten Wachholz

Carsten Wachholz
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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a UK charity which aims to speed up the transition to the circular economy. Since it was set up, the charity has emerged as a global thought leader, putting the circular economy on the agenda of decision makers across business, government and academia.

Carsten Wachholz joined the Foundation in 2020 after spending two years working for the European Investment Bank on Corporate Responsibility and another four years working for the European Environmental Bureau on the first EU Circular Economy Action Plan. Carsten leads the Foundation's newly established Brussels-based team supporting the development of circular economy policies at EU and international level (e.g. G20, OECD), in close collaboration with the Foundation's systemic initiatives on plastics, fashion and food.

02 Feb 2018

Less than a tenth of the billions of tonnes of resources pumped into the global economy every year are reused, and this waste incurs a huge economic, environmental, and social cost.

20 Dec 2017

There is growing optimism about the potential of the circular economy as a new model for sustainable growth in developing countries.

12 Dec 2017

Circular Glasgow, hosted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, will connect with companies across the city helping them to open up new revenue streams, increase competitive advantage and realise financial savings using a range of practical tools.

From waste water to RichWater, an innovative technology for combining treatment and reuse in agriculture

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RichWater is a EU Horizon 2020 funded project which has provided an innovative technology for wastewater reuse in agricuture. An integrated approach combining treatment and irrigation in a single system enables taking maximum advantage of nutrients.

Sustainable fish farming and fighting against food waste

The project located in the territory of Thau is an experimental project, carried out by the CPIE* Bassin de Thau with the involvement of different partners, including CIRAD* for scientific coordination. This project aims to develop a new fishing field by experimenting with mule farming and by testing the incorporation of bread from the catering industry into fish pellets.