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Construction, bâtiment et infrastructures

19 Jul 2021

Understanding today's deconstruction practices is crucial to understanding the challenges and opportunities of the renovation wave. Join us on 19 July at 3 p.m. CEST for the #EUCircularTalks on the relevance of deconstruction design to enable the renovation wave.

11 Jun 2021 to 12 Jun 2021
Circular Economy Hackathon

Circular Economy Hackathon is a hack-and-learn race with a focus on unleashing innovation. Participants will work collectively with the aim of developing ideas, involving students, recent graduates and PhD students in a process of designing and redesigning cities for circularity. The aim is to deep-dive and reveal the core problems with current urban settlements. This entirely online event on 11-12 June will have an international focus and aims to lead to innovations in circular economy.

02 Jun 2021 to 03 Jun 2021
Resilient and sustainable cities: Circular Cities

The Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment ”Ernest Lupan” (IRCEM) invites you to co-design the city of the future, a city capable of ensuring its survival and prosperity in the face of the increasingly severe conditions imposed by climate change and the high consumption of urban resources.

At the event "Resilient and sustainable cities: Circular Cities", over the course of two days, we will assess whether we need different urban behaviour or a different way of crafting public policies based on the principles of prediction and anticipation. You are invited to join the analysis of the concept of urban resilience, and to discuss what the future prospects of cities are in terms of their circular development.

Tradecowall: Upcycling mixed mineral construction and demolition waste

Muri @cvil

The cooperative company Tradecowall manages construction and demolition waste in the Belgian Walloon region and comprises a network of companies working with inert waste recycling centres in the region.

Effective Recycling Concrete Technology: aggregates from 100% recycled CDW do not compromise on quality

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Czech Republic

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ERC-TECH is a company based in the Czech Republic that provides the construction sector with know-how, licenses and products to reuse 100% of construction and demolition waste in concrete mixtures and other products suitable for use in various construction activities.

Feplo: waterproof eco-boards from pressed recycled drinks cartons for use as building material

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Other (Serbia)

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The Serbian company Feplo manufactures waterproof eco-boards from recycled beverage cartons.

SCALITE®: creating interior design applications from fish scales

Fish scales

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SCALITE® is a material produced by SCALE and is made completely from fish scales, a by-product of the fishing industry. The material is manufactured in stone-like blocks which are suited to many applications in interior design and decoration for the hospitality and retail sectors, offices and homes.

Recyklujme stavby! - Let's recycle buildings

Recyklujme stavby! is a Czech online platform aimed at fostering the standardisation of recycling methods for construction materials

The platform offers construction professionals a series of services to implement circularity in the sector:

  • The catalogue of products and materials containing secondary raw materials (an online version of the document for the Czech Standardization Agency) and recycled products
  • Legislative requirements and related regulations standards
  • Test procedures for putting recycled products into practice.
  • A glossary of terms to help professionals to get familiar with the issue.

The platform is an initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the Czech Standardization Agency.

SeRaMCo: recycling CDW into concrete precast products


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Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands

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The Interreg North-West Europe project SeRaMCo (Secondary Raw Material for Concrete Precast Products) focused on researching and promoting the use of secondary raw materials from construction and demolition waste (CDW).

Buurman: the local hardware store and workshop that teaches you about the value of secondary materials

Buurman logo

Buurman is a hardware store and workshop that only uses secondary materials, such as wood from demolition sites and insulation materials, plywood and cables from construction sites in Rotterdam or from exhibitions and festivals.

Veolia and Knauf: transforming glass waste into mineral wool

Veolia logo

Veolia and Knauf have established a partnership to collect, process and transform waste glass into mineral wool for use as an insultating material.

31 May 2021
Actieweek Circulair Bouwen

From 31 May to 4 June, Vlaanderen Circulair will hold a Circular Building Action Week with eight open workshops, a plenary event and a circular market dialogue, entirely online. The theme of this edition is communication. Discover the offer!

Thanks to Eco Veneta, construction and demolition waste goes back to construction sites for a new adventure

Eco Veneta image

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Eco Veneta specialises in the collection and recycling of waste from construction and demolition sites in the Italian provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Padova and Rovigo.

Mapei: recovering unused concrete from mixer lorries


The Italian company Mapei has come up with a product which brings leftover cement in mixer trucks back into the production cycle.

08 Jun 2021
The Market-driven Circular & Bioeconomy

The Market-driven Circular & Bioeconomy EU Green Week Partner Event on 8 June 2021 brings together representatives of European projects based on industry-academic partnerships in the fields of biodiversity, forestry, engineering, chemistry, agriculture, and transport.

19 May 2021

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The building and construction sector consumes around 10 million tonnes of plastics in Europe each year, which accounts for 20% of all plastics consumption. LOOP's idea was to find out what concrete ways there are both to reduce the use of plastics and to increase circularity of plastics in residential construction.

Green Tech Cluster in Austria

Green Tech Cluster

Welcome to Green Tech Valley, focussing on Climate and Circular Solutions. The Green Tech Valley is located in the south of Austria and is internationally regarded as the hotspot for innovative energy and environmental technology.

The Green Tech Cluster initiates growth through innovation. It brings together around 220 companies and research institutions shaping green solutions of the future. With 20 global technology leaders within an hour’s drive, the location forms one of the highest concentrations of companies in this industry.

Have a look at their Don't waste / Invest campaign: One-stop-shop recycling solutions for a wide range of waste fractions derived from Austrian excellence in achieving one of Europe's highest recycling rates.

Consulting goes circular with CIRAA

CIRAA logo

CIRAA is a company active in promoting circular economy principles and helping businesses ensure that their plans and projects abide by those principles.

Circular economy intervention to go beyond the existing climate action in developing countries

Climate Change

Commissioned by the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP), which advises the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and co-authored by Circle Economy and Shifting Paradigms, this report uncovers the range of socio-economic and environmental co-benefits that circular mitigation interventions can bring to GEF countries of operation.

The report supports strategic advice by the STAP to the GEF and its implementing partners, and helps carve out a role for these bodies in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon circular economy. Its findings will be highly relevant to the development of future GEF projects and programmes across its different focal areas.

Transforming an old factory building into a community centre and party venue in Sint-Amands

provided by Cedral, photographer Marcel Van Coile

The Flemish municipality of Sint-Amands has transformed an old shoe factory into the unique and sustainable multifunctional de Nestel community centre where residents and local associations can feel at home.

RE-sign: today's cities, tomorrow's mines

RE-sign logo

RE-sign has marketed an app matching up supply and demand for reclaimed construction materials.

Circular construction and renovation - Actions and recommendations to the Federal government for accelerating the circular economy in construction

Circular construction and renovation

Photo Romnée A.
Federal Council for Sustainable Development (FRDO-CFDD)
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The final study report on Circular construction and renovation - Actions and recommendations to the Federal government for accelerating the circular economy in construction proposes actions to be taken by Belgium's federal government (and thus the regional levels as well), with a view to accelerating renovation and circular construction with respect to building materials.

More specifically, the study aims to identify relevant instruments, obstacles and measures which are either needed or already underway, and to issue general recommendations for the federal authorities. The study does not address ways to put these measures into effect or possible changes in the instruments.

22 Apr 2021 to 23 Apr 2021
New European Bauhaus

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The circular economy is all about imagining together a sustainable future and engaging on a transformative path towards affordable, sustainable and beautiful lifestyles, be it buildings or textiles. To know more about the Bauhaus initiative, register for the first online high-level Conference on the New European Bauhaus that will take place on 22-23 April 2021.

Maersk: designing ships that can be dismantled and reused


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Maersk has been developing ways to build recyclable ships that can be dismantled and reused.

11 May 2021

On 11 May at 3 p.m. CEST, join Rijkswaterstaat, Madaster, Restado/Concular and Institut National de l’Economie Circulaire for online interactive workshops showcasing success stories and identifying challenges and opportunities in fields such as public procurement, digital logbooks and circular design for infrastructure work. Registrations are open!

Refarmed: using buildings’ residual heat and biowaste to support rooftop greenhouses


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Refarmed uses the concept of ‘building integrated agriculture’. High-impact buildings (meaning they produce a lot of waste and excess heat) are equipped with rooftop greenhouses which turn all that waste into value - to support low-impact food production.

Sonae Arauco: Sustainable wood-based panels made from wood industry by-products

Sonae Arauco logo

Sonae Arauco is a wood-based panel producer that contributes to the circular economy through the recovery of wood waste. It has developed a close value chain that reuses and recycles the wood residues generated during the production process. 

eCO2blocks: making construction materials from industrial waste, water not fit for drinking and CO2

Cement blocks

eCO2blocks creates an alternative – or a complementary material – to cement by producing building blocks made from industrial waste and water which is not fit for drinking.