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23 Jun 2021
EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste

Interested in contributing to EU efforts to fight food loss and waste? Don’t miss the opportunity to submit your application!

The Commission is calling for applications from private sector organisations with expertise and proven track record in food waste prevention to re-establish, together with public entities, the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste for its second mandate (2022-2026).

Safe Jobs in the Circular Economy

Safe Jobs in the Circular Economy


Vera Weghmann (Public Service International Research Unit)
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The circular economy promises a move away from a linear model of growth (extract, make, dispose) to a sustainable model (recycle, reuse, remake, share). This report, Safe Jobs in the Circular Economy, commissioned by the European Public Service Union (EPSU), focuses on the role of labour in the transition to a circular economy and, in particular, the health and safety of workers operating waste and wastewater management systems.

11 Oct 2021 to 17 Oct 2021
Circular Week 2021

Circular Week, an international campaign consisting of a series of events and initiatives devoted to circular economy and sustainable development, will take place on 12-18 October 2021 throughout Europe. Its goal is to promote the idea of a circular economy, support sustainable business models and establish cooperation between interested stakeholders.