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Circular economy, a holistic approach towards low-carbon Alpine cities

Greencycle is an Alpine Space EU project

Cities and regions in Alpine Space have mainly set their low-carbon objectives and adopted relevant strategies in energy, mobility, construction aso. The project GREENCYCLE aims to introduce the system of circular economy as a holistic approach to support implementation of low-carbon strategies and provide additional 2-4 % greenhouse emission reduction to the partner cities.

Cooperation between Aurubis and Grillo-Werke yields a perfect closed loop for copper and zinc

Thanks to the cooperation between two industries, no trace element is lost in the production of copper and zinc sulfate

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Aurubis, an expert in multi-metal recycling, and Grillo-Werke, specialised in zinc and sulphur products, cooperate to make a perfect closed loop for non ferrous trace elements.

 Residual zinc from copper production is used by Grillo-Werke as a secondary raw material for zinc sulfate. Residues from this production - including copper, tin and lead - are then fed back to Aurubis for more copper and other non-ferrous production, ensuring that no trace element is lost in the process.

Waste to Energy all the ways in the district of Leoben, Austria

Thanks to Leoben's new approach in waste management, municipal waste volume has been reduced to a quarter and almost 5 million liters of heating oil are produced every year

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In the district of Leoben, about 12.300 tons of municipal waste were buried without any energy recovery until 2003. Since 2004 landfill regulations prescribe a pre-treatment of waste before landfill deposit and a new scheme for waste management with multiple treatment options – a residual waste splitting plant – allowed a reduction of municipal waste to a quarter and the production of heat and electricity for local use, reducing energy imports for the region.