About the Platform

An EU-wide interactive project steered in partnership with European civil society

A joint initiative by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform brings together stakeholders active in the broad field of the circular economy in Europe.

Networking and showcasing during the annual conference, March 2019

A network of networks...

As a "network of networks", it goes beyond sectorial activities and highlights cross-sector opportunities. It also provides a meeting place for stakeholders to share and scale up effective solutions and address specific challenges. The Platform bridges existing initiatives at local, regional and national level, and supports the implementation of the circular economy.

… to make the circular economy a reality by:

  • Driving the circular economy in the Member States, in regional and local governments, and among civil society organisations and businesses
  • Strengthening cooperation among stakeholder networks to facilitate the exchange of expertise, good practices, knowledge and lessons learnt in the circular economy
  • Identifying social, economic and cultural barriers (such as social, economic and cultural) to the transition towards a circular economy with the intention of informing policy at all level of governance

Make it yours!

The Platform was conceived with European Circular Economy stakeholders in mind. Covering a wide variety of challenges and opportunities, the Coordination Group's real value becomes apparent when it shares with the Circular community at large.

We hope you will want to help this happen by using this website as a virtual meeting place.

You can join the online discussion forum for topical conversations. You can submit your inspiring (or more challenging) stories, publications, circular economy events, existing network or platform, via our Contribute page.

And of course, the Secretariat is always happy to answer your questions or requests.