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Mercato Circolare - a smartphone app searching for circular economy products, services and events

Free-of-charge smartphone app to search for circular economy products, services and events. 

El Ouidane: biowaste revives an oasis and keeps the desert at bay

By initiating collection and composting practices into a 1500 inhabitants city district, the El Ouidane project aims to combat the desertification and to protect a fragile environment such as oases.

Flustix - Labelling plastic goods to support responsible consumption

Flustix Plasticfree & Flustix Recycled

Flustix is a certification body for plastic-free and partially plastic-free products as well as goods made from recycled plastics. By making plastic reduction clearly visible for customers, the certification provides guidance and the opportunity to make a plastic-aware buying decision.

Circul'R: Unlocking the circular economy's potential

circular economy consulting

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Circul'R is an international network of circular economy startups. Its mission is to unlock the circular economy's potential by connecting innovative startups with companies so that they can co-create solutions to accelerate their transition towards the circular economy.

ShareWear showed 340,000 consumers fashion can be borrowed, not only bought

items from the first ShareWear collection

ShareWear, a part of the Swedish Democreativity initiative, was launched to inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. A ready-to-share collection with Swedish fashion items allowed consumers to borrow unique clothing - but only if they shared it forward.

Do we have waste in 2030? - The role of municipalities in the transition to a circular economy

The purpose of the project has been to highlight the possibilities the municipalities and regions have to accommodate a more circular economy in the future.

What is it made of and where do I drop it for recycling? There's the Junker App for that.

Waste disosal is easy, just a blip away

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"Junker" is the APP which recognizes products, within a single click on their barcode, and provides citizens with all the necessary information for recycling their components in a correct and fast way. It is the application which makes waste disposal easy, thanks to the Internet of Things and user crowdsourcing.

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Circular Computing - creating a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to buy enterprise IT

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Circular Computing exists to create a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to buy enterprise IT

François-Michel Lambert

François-Michel Lambert
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François-Michel Lambert is a Member of Parliament, having been elected in the 10th constituency of the Bouches-du-Rhône (Southern France).

He is a member of the Sustainable Development and Country Planning Commission at the National Assembly, and also holds the position of president of the France-Cuba Friendship group at the National Assembly.

He is founding president of the Institute for Circular Economy, a multi-stakeholder association composed of 200 members, companies, communities, NGOs and schools that defines and implements a transformation of our economic model to emerge from a society of waste and move towards the development of an economy focused on the preservation and efficient use of resources. The Institute has become the French reference and the main partner of the public authorities.

Mr Lambert received the Marianne d'Or award for sustainable development for his proactive action to bring about a shift towards a circular economy.

Hatty Cooper

Hatty Cooper

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In her role as Director of Programmes, Hatty leads Circle Economy’s thematic and sector-focused portfolio (textiles, finance and built environment). Having worked for over 14 years in democratic strengthening and sustainable development, Hatty has extensive international experience of working with governments and parliamentary systems to enhance their capacity for effective oversight, scrutiny and representation in the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Hatty is an experienced portfolio manager, delivering a wide range of multi-year, multi-stakeholder international development programmes in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. She has taken the lead on projects as wide ranging as enhancing the representation of women in public life in Pakistan to institutional strengthening in Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis.

Hatty has a background in project management and strategic organisational planning, with strong links across government and multilateral organisations. 

Key objectives at Circle Economy

- Build a comprehensive portfolio of sector + cross-sector programmes; working with government + industry  

- Develop multi-stakeholder projects, across government + industry, to support the circular transition at national level 

- Expand the profile and viability of Circle Economy in the Global South.