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CirThink - Embedding circular economy thinking in HEIs through university and industry partnerships

The Erasmus+ project CirThink - Embedding Circular Economy Thinking in Higher Education Institutes (HEI) through University and Industry Partnerships aims to embed circular economy thinking in HEIs through cooperation between universities and industry.

Business strategies in circular economy: summer course from the Polish AGH UST Faculty of Management


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The Polish AGH UST Faculty of Management will be providing a 45-hour course on Business strategies in the circular economy on 5-12 July 2022. This 3 ECTS-credit course is free of charge and will take place online in English. It is intended for foreign students studying for a bachelor's, master's or phD degree.

Cittadinanzattiva's initiatives to favour a transition to the circular economy


There can be no doubt that a significant change in lifestyle and patterns of production and consumption is needed to cope with the various climate, energy and resource-related crises coming our way. Cittadinanzattiva promotes the circular economy by means of training, debates, awareness raising activities and the encouragement of  positive patterns of behaviour.

A masterclass on Business Model Innovation - a key enabler of a Circular and Regenerative Economy

Masterclass #2

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The Reflow Masterclasses offer a deep dive into dedicated topics relevant to the transition to circular cities. In a condensed 30-minute lecture, experts provide an overview of key knowledge about and insights into circular economy-related topics.

Achieving green living areas, from buildings to cities and territories

Interreg Euromed Academy

In this six-week course, participants will learn about circular economy, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and clean energy through interactive materials, live events and working groups. The course is part of the Interreg Euro-MED Academy catalogue and will provide particpants with tangible examples of actions, policies, and tools available to apply effective solutions in their own context.

How to become an Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator

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Belgium, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Spain

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The INSIGHT training course aims to increase knowledge, skills, and competences concerning industrial symbiosis for trainees willing to become industrial symbiosis facilitators. The course, which is available for free on an online e-learning platform, is in English, but summaries of each unit are provided in Italian, Spanish, French, Slovenian and Romanian.

Follow a MOOC on Organizing for Sustainability: A guide to developing new business models

Organizing for Sustainability

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This open access MOOC is for entrepreneurs and students to work on a sustainable, circular or social business model using the Business Model Template (BMT).

In three phases and 10 steps, all aspects for developing a business model are systematically dealt with. The MOOC consists of a self-paced programme of seven chapters and over 50 teaching units.