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Tiganokinisi: teaching and supporting schools in Cyprus

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Tiganokinisi focuses on collecting used cooking oil (UCO) from schools and converting it to biodiesel. Its end-goal is to provide resources for environmental education activities and environmental infrastructure in schools. Tiganokinisi tackles the issues linked to UCO, while applying the values of the circular economy.

Environmental education by Linea Gestioni

Linea Gestioni

The LGH Company – Linea Gestioni – manages the Integrated Waste Service and Energy Service in Northern Italy, aiming to provide efficient services for the community and to promote the principles of sustainability. It has also launched an educational programme for 10 000 students, which seeks to raise awareness about sustainable development, energy and recycling.

Design4Circle: Circular Economy Design Training in the Textile, Fashion and Footwear Sectors

Design 4 Circle

Sign up for the Design4Circle course, with a total of 70 hours of training, to understand the necessary shift in the textile industry towards a more sustainable circular economy.

:metabolon - climb a landfill and enjoy a circular experience

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The project :metabolon has created an innovation site with a focus on research, education and circular economy on the Leppe landfill in Lindlar, Germany, where a competence centre for circular economy, resource management as well as environmental and landfill technologies has been set up.

The Stars Are Circular Foundation: empowering children to participate in the circular economy


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The Stars Are Circular Foundation educates children and families about the circular economy. It aims to provide them with the tools to become conscious, innovative and collaborative participants in the circular economy. Its educational programmes seek to develop children's social, creative and entrepreneurial skills to ensure a mindset that believes in a healthy planet.

The Waste management Datacenter by LIPOR monitors waste flows, citizen’s participation and contributes to landfill diversion

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LIPOR, the Intermunicipal Waste Management Service of Greater Porto, specializes in the treatment and recovery of municipal waste. Their digital platform, the Waste management Datacenter, optimizes the monitoring waste flows and the recovery of materials, which contributes to the reduction of biodegradable urban waste landfill disposal and the preparation of materials for reuse and recycling.

The DGNB Academy - Disseminating knowledge on circular economy throughout the construction sector

The DGNB Academy - Disseminating knowledge on Circular Economy throughout the construction sector

The DGNB Academy provides professionals from the construction and real estate sectors with up-to-date knowledge on sustainable construction, including circular economy principles which have been made assessable in the DGNB Certification System.

Working with Industrial Spaces to Exemplify Reuse - WISER LIFE

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The WISER project impacts positively upon behavioural change in relation to resource efficiency and reuse principles. Through its activities WISER raises awareness relating to resource consumption and waste generation building upon pilot project activities of the Rediscovery Centre that hosts 4 social enterprises (upcycling paints, furniture, fashion and bicycles). 

The Basque Ecodesign Hub: Training on Circular Economy


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The Basque Ecodesign HUB is the centre of training activities on Ecodesign and Circular Economy in the Basque Country, resulting from the collaboration of the Basque Government, through Ihobe, with Novia Salcedo Foundation and a number of other Basque socio-economic actors.