A Joint Curriculum for a VET course on twin digital and green transition


Joint Curriculum on twin transition for SMEs of manufacturing and traditional sectors

Digital technologies have the potential to cut global emissions and advance towards the EU Green Deal goals.

The TwinRevolution project aims to update and align the ways in which Vocational Education Training (VET) can facilitate the twin digital and green transition in the manufacturing and traditional industrial sectors. It has developed an innovative and interactive tool and a training course that will up- and re-skill VET learners (from upper secondary students to current workers) by providing them with the necessary digital and green skills.

The Joint Curriculum for a VET course is based on an analysis of industrial needs carried out by the TwinRevolution project.

This Curriculum establishes the learning pathway for a good understanding of what the twin digital and green transition means for manufacturing companies (especially the furniture and textile sectors) and how to implement it.

The Curriculum is divided into four training modules (50 learning hours in total), each comprising a total of 17 units:

  • Twin transition introduction: towards a green and smart manufacturing industry
  • Circular economy applied to the manufacturing industry
  • Industry 4.0 technologies in the manufacturing industry
  • Twin green and digital transition.

TwinRevolution is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme.