IDEA - Improved employability through circular economy education for adults - A Guidebook


ImproveD Employability through circular economy education for Adults

IDEA (ImproveD Employability through circular economy education for Adults) is an ongoing Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership project between Poland, the Republic of North Macedonia, Italy and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It aims to promote the circular economy and sustainability among unemployed adults by fostering more significant interaction between the European Green Deal and the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025.

The project has two goals: to encourage people over 50 to be aware of circular economy topics and to bolster their employability and social inclusion.

The IDEA Guide is a valuable resource for adult educators and institutions and includes tools and methodologies applicable to organisations and their work with the target group. Highlighting national and European good practices, it emphasises ways to integrate circular principles through arts, crafts and non-formal education methods. It has two parts: one on the research conducted to established what is needed from the programme, and the other on the training format. It will be revised as the project goes on.

A number of educational modules will be covered, including ice breaking and team building, good practices of CE business, and a practical and theoretical session on eco-design.