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Circular Economy Institute: training people to be circular

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Training opportunities:

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Circular Economy Institute (CEI) certificates are professional credentials for those aiming to excel in the circular economy. The certificates available are "Circular Economy Trained", "Circular Economy Specialist" and "Circular Economy Instructor".

Design4Circle: Circular Economy Design Training in the Textile, Fashion and Footwear Sectors

Design 4 Circle

Sign up for the Design4Circle course, with a total of 70 hours of training, to understand the necessary shift in the textile industry towards a more sustainable circular economy.

Circul'R: Unlocking the circular economy's potential

circular economy consulting

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Circul'R is an international network of circular economy startups. Its mission is to unlock the circular economy's potential by connecting innovative startups with companies so that they can co-create solutions to accelerate their transition towards the circular economy.

The DGNB Academy - Disseminating knowledge on circular economy throughout the construction sector

The DGNB Academy - Disseminating knowledge on Circular Economy throughout the construction sector

The DGNB Academy provides professionals from the construction and real estate sectors with up-to-date knowledge on sustainable construction, including circular economy principles which have been made assessable in the DGNB Certification System.

The Basque Ecodesign Hub: Training on Circular Economy


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The Basque Ecodesign HUB is the centre of training activities on Ecodesign and Circular Economy in the Basque Country, resulting from the collaboration of the Basque Government, through Ihobe, with Novia Salcedo Foundation and a number of other Basque socio-economic actors.