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A global initiative to promote responsible and circular electronics

Circular Electronics Initiative

More than 20 organisations have come together in a global initiative to tackle the social and environmental problems of electronics. The Circular Electronics Initiative aims to encourage organisations and consumers to take a more responsible approach to the electronic goods they use. One core activity of the initiative is the annual event #CircularElectronicsDay.

Circulab's Circular design course


Shift from linear to circular, learn to rethink and redesign: acquire the mindset, tools and skills needed to solve modern problems and transition to the circular economy through circular design. Circulab's Master Circular Design course has been designed to give you the keys to start your circular journey, adapt your organisation and create future-proof products and services.

FURN360: Circular business training course for the furniture and woodworking sectors

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FURN360 training course is a free-of-charge set of online modules offering 80 hours of training to understand the shift needed in the furniture industry to engage in a circular economy.

New report helps IT buyers avoid greenwash and false claims

TCO report



Complex product categories such as IT involve a considerable degree of social and environmental risks. TCO Development, the organisation behind the sustainability certification for IT products TCO Certified, has launched the new report Navigating the Sustainable IT Revolution – The critical role of independent verification.

Monitoring progress in Europe's circular economy: the Bellagio Process

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The Bellagio Declaration is a set of principles for how to ensure that any system for monitoring the transition to a circular economy captures all relevant aspects and involves all relevant parties.

Circular Economy Institute: training people to be circular

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Learning opportunities:

Training opportunities:

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Circular Economy Institute (CEI) certificates are professional credentials for those aiming to excel in the circular economy. The certificates available are "Circular Economy Trained", "Circular Economy Specialist" and "Circular Economy Instructor".

Categorisation system for the circular economy - a contribution to the future EU Taxonomy

Categorisation system



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The Expert Group of Support to Circular Economy Financing proposes a sector-agnostic circular economy categorisation system that defines categories of activities substantially contributing to a circular economy. This categorisation system is intended as a contribution to the work of the Sustainable Finance Platform on the EU taxonomy of activities contributing to the circular economy.

Indicators for a Circular Economy

Circular indicators OVAM



This short term assignment for Circular Flanders aims to provide an inventory of indicators that are relevant to monitor the transition to a circular economy and to measure the effects of new policy and trends. The inventory of indicators is based on scoreboards and monitoring frameworks developed by the EU and reports by JRC and EEA.

Circular Economy: what we WANT to know and CAN measure

PBL Measurement Report



The Dutch Government has outlined its plans for the transition to a circular economy in the government-wide circular economy policy programme, entitled ‘A circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050’. A monitoring system is required to determine whether this transition is progressing as planned, a proposal for which is made in this report.