Acting for a Better Education in Sustainability and the Environment

Training opportunities

Climacy is an Erasmus+ small-scale partnership which promotes environmental education and sustainability. It equips teachers, trainers and educators with the tools to educate students about sustainability, including circularity, and ways to tackle climate change.

The project seeks to promote climate change awareness among young people through innovative teaching methods and to help educators engage students and address challenges.

It fosters a global network of international partners promoting sustainable practices and combating climate change, thereby expanding European activities and networking.

Climacy's environmental education fosters community involvement, encouraging students to become proactive in addressing local environmental issues and involving experts, donors, volunteers and local facilities.

The project has achieved the following results:

  • E-Book: this contains comprehensive explanations, environmental best practices and training tools, covering recycling, waste management, sustainable food and reducing carbon footprints. It is available in English and the three partner countries' languages.
  • Workshop creation: these address environmental challenges and seek to stimulate critical thinking and propose practical solutions.
  • Capacity building: Climacy has facilitated the development of skills in creative writing and workshop development among educators and youth workers so as to promote sustainability and environmentally-friendly behaviour.
  • Dissemination plan: Climacy has developed a strategic plan for dissemination and visibility, promoting sustainable behaviour and environmental awareness through new tools, workshops and project ideas.