(Introduction to the) Circular Economy - an e-course and a webinar to better understand circularity

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Learning opportunities

For some years now, the EU International Partnerships Academy (INTPA) has granted public access to its online learning content, as part of an ongoing process of mutually opening learning opportunities with and to Member States and partners such as international organisations, civil society and partner countries.

Its goals:

  • provide the various implementing partners with access to the required know-how,
  • add value to the learning content initially produced for staff by sharing with others,
  • harmonise development cooperation actions through broad dissemination of INTPA's approaches, and
  • increase visibility of INTPA's measures and ways of operating.

It offers an e-course and an introductory webinar to the circular economy that aim to strengthen your understanding of circularity, policy measures that accelerate the circular transition, and the opportunities arising for EU partner countries from the circular economy.

The e-course explains what a circular economy transition entails, makes the link with related policy developments as well as with global challenges and trends, illustrates case studies, including EU-funded projects, and provides information and guidance on monitoring and evaluation.

The webinar on Introduction to the Circular Economy aims to provide participants with an understanding of the opportunities offered by the circular transition. They will learn about their potential to promote and support partner countries' engagement in this process, with multiple benefits in terms of growth, jobs and environmental (notably climate) objectives.

To access INTPA's learning resources, you simply need to log in or register on EU Login.