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'Become a Miljönär' campaign: beneficial to circular consumption and participating businesses


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The campaign “Be a Miljönär” [a pun which merges miljö (environment) with miljonär (millionaire)] has a long-term goal: reducing waste and making sustainable consumption a habit among people aged between 18 and 30.

Karma connects surplus food with consumers for a lower price

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France, Sweden, United Kingdom

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Karma is a Swedish startup founded in Stockholm, November 2016. Their app connects surplus food from restaurants, cafes and grocery stores to consumers for a lower price. As a result, users eat great food for less and businesses receive an additional revenue stream — all while reducing food waste.

Saint Francis of Assisi: rendering a religious community sustainable and circular

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Fra’ Sole is a sustainability project involving the monumental complex of Saint Francis of Assisi and its nearby areas, which has resulted in the elimination of disposable products, infrastructure for rainwater reuse and a 20% reduction in waste overall.

Plastics recyclates: Plastship offer services for better quality and marketability

plastship logo

plastship, successfully launched in May 2019, is a German digital startup that has created a trading and service platform for buyers and sellers of regrinds, re-granulates and recyclates.

Mercato Circolare - a smartphone app searching for circular economy products, services and events

Free-of-charge smartphone app to search for circular economy products, services and events. 

El Ouidane: biowaste revives an oasis and keeps the desert at bay

By initiating collection and composting practices into a 1500 inhabitants city district, the El Ouidane project aims to combat the desertification and to protect a fragile environment such as oases.

Flustix - Labelling plastic goods to support responsible consumption

Flustix Plasticfree & Flustix Recycled

Flustix is a certification body for plastic-free and partially plastic-free products as well as goods made from recycled plastics. By making plastic reduction clearly visible for customers, the certification provides guidance and the opportunity to make a plastic-aware buying decision.

ShareWear showed 340,000 consumers fashion can be borrowed, not only bought

items from the first ShareWear collection

ShareWear, a part of the Swedish Democreativity initiative, was launched to inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. A ready-to-share collection with Swedish fashion items allowed consumers to borrow unique clothing - but only if they shared it forward.