Copyright notice

Copyright notice and disclaimer for content submitted by third parties

  • Visitors submitting visual/textual data (Contributors) to the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform via the online forms provided on this website, grant the EESC permission to edit, format, reproduce, translate, archive, use for public performance, broadcast and communicate to the public the visual/textual data they submit in the context of the CEStakeholderEU platform. The EESC has the right to use and re-use the visual/textual data in different media (web, social media etc.) for non-commercial purposes. The EESC has the right to make the visual/textual data publicly accessible and available through offline and/or online archives within all the EU institutions for non-commercial purposes.
  • Contributors guarantee that they are the copyrights holders or represent the copyright holders for any copyrighted data (image, document, artwork, video) they submit and thereby release it to the EESC for publication in the context of CEStakeholderEU platform's activities. If this is not the caser, contributors guarantee that data submitted is free of rights and that publication does not infringe the copyright, trademark, privacy and proprietary rights of any person or entity.
  • Contributors guarantee the consent of all persons appearing in the visual data and is solely responsible for any consequences arising from non-compliance with this requirement. The written consent of the parents or legal guardians of any  minors appearing in the visual data must be guaranteed.
  • Submitted data must not contain any promotional message for a brand, company, product or service, and visual data will not contain logos. For information and exchange purposes, solely the names of contributing companies and their partners will be authorised for display in submitted material. 
  • The third party sending the visual/textual data is solely responsible for obtaining all publishing rights prior to submitting their data. Music used in a video must be cleared for copyright to be posted on public websites or used in public events.
  • If the third party information is found to have infringed on any copyright law, the third party shall be solely responsible.