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Matières premières secondaires

03 May 2021 to 08 May 2021
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The Recycling Expo and Conference “eREC” on 3-8 May 2021 is a virtual platform for the recycling industry that facilitates the national and international exchange between companies and customers. Companies can use this platform to present themselves, their newest products, and innovations, and enjoy the advantages of online networking. 

A circular economy for plastics: Let's turn challenges into opportunities

A circular economy for plastics: Let's turn challenges into opportunities

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Anna Schwarz, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, Rob de Ruiter, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, Esther Zondervan, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, Freek van Eijk, Holland Circular Hotspot, Lia Huybrechts, Holland Circular Hotspot
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Energy efficient bubbles, solar-powered interceptors, new business and design models, smart collection solutions, high-tech and fully automated sorting practices and chemical recycling technologies: the Dutch initiative provides inspiration and innovation insights linked to a circular economy for global application. Only by international collaboration will we achieve sizeable success as the plastics value chain spans the globe.

With this brochure, Holland Circular Hotspot and TNO bring their insights to the international level and share best practices with the hope that it will inspire everyone around the world to take action and kickstart circular development.

04 May 2021
Recyclers' Talks

Join Recyclers’ Talks #2 on 4 May to discuss what is needed to achieve a true circularity in textiles while lowering the impacts on the environment & climate and find out how different players in the textiles chain can contribute to this goal.

12 Apr 2021

Fishing industry by-products and municipal solid waste are transformed into bioplastics in the European DAFIA project, coordinated by AIMPLAS. DAFIA provides the automotive and food packaging industries with sustainable solutions by developing biopolymers, flame-retardant additives and barrier packaging.

28 Apr 2021
Inrego webinar

On Wednesday 28 April, get a preview of the future by listening to leading IT resellers and researchers analysing how we can transition towards a circular electronics industry by 2030.

SUSTAINair: bringing the aerospace and aviation sectors in line with circular principles

SUSTAINair project

The Horizon 2020 project SUSTAINair was launched recently. It aims to research and develop solutions to increase resource efficiency and aircraft performance while cutting down on waste and material costs throughout the aircraft life cycle - what is known as "circular aviation".

SUSTAINair: circular economy for the aviation and aerospace sectors


SUSTAINair is an H2020-funded platform developing circular economy principles for the aviation and aerospace design, manufacturing, operations and end-of-life phases. This EU-funded research project aims to make the entire supply chain ecosystem greener, in line with the Circular Economy Action Plan, and to set new standards for aerospace manufacturing, enabling an increase in cross-sector synergies.

The SUSTAINair project provides the aviation sector with a path to a more cost-effective, low-carbon economy, while tackling the increase in resource consumption, waste and emissions. Because of this, the SUSTAINair project has been endorsed by the Future Sky research initiative of the Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (EREA).


09 Sep 2021 to 10 Sep 2021
2nd international packaging conference

The 2nd International Conference on Circular Packaging on 9-10 September aims to connect industry, academia, design studios, brand owners and anyone involved in the packaging life cycle. It will focus on sharing knowledge, good practices and ideas, and forging new links in the shift from linear to circular packaging supply chains and business models.

Purrot: A self-cleaning vibrating Rotor-filter to separate manure or treat waste water


PURROT is a filter  that can mechanically separate organic matter and nutrients from liquid, without using chemicals.

Purified Metal: Responsible processing of contaminated steel scrap into high-quality raw material


Purified Metal Company can responsibly process contaminated steel scrap into a high-quality raw material.

11 May 2021

On 11 May at 3 p.m. CEST, join Rijkswaterstaat, Madaster, Restado/Concular and Institut National de l’Economie Circulaire for online interactive workshops showcasing success stories and identifying challenges and opportunities in fields such as public procurement, digital logbooks and circular design for infrastructure work. Registrations are open!

Sonae Arauco: Sustainable wood-based panels made from wood industry by-products

Sonae Arauco logo

Sonae Arauco is a wood-based panel producer that contributes to the circular economy through the recovery of wood waste. It has developed a close value chain that reuses and recycles the wood residues generated during the production process. 

The Manhattan pop-up bistro made from 100% recyclable materials

Pop-up bistro

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For New York's design week, NYCxDESIGN in May 2018, the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York invited chefs from the Helsinki-based Restaurant Nolla to bring their zero waste food philosophy to New York. The temporary bistro was built on themes of circular economy, new material innovations and sustainable design. 

eCO2blocks: making construction materials from industrial waste, water not fit for drinking and CO2

Cement blocks

eCO2blocks creates an alternative – or a complementary material – to cement by producing building blocks made from industrial waste and water which is not fit for drinking.

Da Vide: reducing CO2 emissions when producing paper, paints and pens from by-products of grapevines

Da Vide project

In the Douro Valley of Portugal, the research and development project Da Vide has created a range of products using grapevine residues – from paper to pens – avoiding the use of plastics and wood and using agricultural waste as a resource.

O.T.A.: making unisex shoes from recycled tyres

circular footsteps

On the Asphalt (O.T.A) is a French brand that has developed sustainable and eco-friendly unisex sneakers made of recycled tyres and leather scraps from a glove factory.

Boat cruises on the Seine river go electric with Paris Yacht Company

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French company Seine Alliance repurposes EV batteries from cars to power boats for cruises on the river.

Fraunhofer IAP and re:newcell join forces to convert old cotton clothing into a mass manufacturing fibre

Photo source © Fraunhofer IAP

The company re:newcell, together with a group of scientist from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP), have developed a technique that transforms recycled cotton into viscose rayon fibre, which is a suitable material for mass manufacturing.

Circulair Friesland's three lines of action: Doing. Learning. Telling.

Circulair Friesland logo

Friesland, a province in the north of the Netherlands, has a strong cultural identity, its own language, an economy mostly devoted to agriculture and 20 000 companies - 99% of them SMEs. The province faces economic and demographic challenges but is becoming one of the best examples of a successful transition towards a circular economy. It aims to be the most circular EU region by 2025.

According to the public/private association Circulair Friesland, this province is thus:

  • Doing: policies on the circular economy, financing circular SMEs and research, ambitiously developing public procurement
  • Learning: active member of the Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management and involved in European projects
  • Telling: sharing their story with others.

The City of Helsinki: supporting the reuse of excavated soil in construction projects


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The City of Helsinki has coordinated a project on the reuse of excavated soil in construction projects across the city. This project consists of improving coordination of how and where excavated soil is used.

07 Apr 2021 to 12 Apr 2021
Holland Circular Hotspot logo

In the run-up to the WCEF+Climate event in April 2021, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is organising a WCEF+Climate pre-event: the Circular Climate Booster, hosted by Holland Circular Hotspot and Springtide International.

NCP manufactures Snøhetta design chairs made from plastic waste from Norway’s fish farming

Snøhetta S-1500 chair

The Norwegian company NCP delivers sustainable furniture from recycled plastic materials through innovation and design. The S-1500 chair, designed by Snøhetta, is produced by NCP showing how plastic waste from Norway’s fish farming can be transformed into a sustainable design object with an expected lifetime of at least 50 years.

ReSeaclons: collecting and recycling ocean plastic

ReSeaclons logo

The ReSeaclons project, led by the Marine Institute of the Seaquarium in Grau-du-Roi, France, is committed to bringing together fishermen, seafarers, public authorities, associations, companies, civil society and holiday-makers to help reduce marine pollution.

Sopköket's garbage kitchen is the new circular trend


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Sopköket is a Swedish restaurant and catering company founded in 20215. It prepares meals which partly incorporate rescued and surplus food from supermarkets and other companies. Their goal is to reduce food waste.

VMfono, or how to create unique vinyl records from waste


Music business can be circular, too! MWfono makes vinyl records from the waste that remains after cutting other records. Kayax label then packs the discs in recycled paper and employs a protection film made from maize.