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INDI - a bright new life for recycled paper, thanks to unique REPAPER technology

Lithuanian circular design company

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INDI is a Lithuanian design brand founded by designer Simonas Tarvydas. The line combines its unique recycled paper technology – REPAPER – with original and contemporary designs for interiors. Because of their production process, all the objects can be recycled and reused as material for future designs.

USAD - Lithuania's Reverse Vending Machines - credit for plastic

In February 2016, the government of Lithuania implemented a “deposit return system”, to give consumers an incentive to return used beverage containers for recycling. To combat litter and increase collection and recycling rates, consumers would pay a deposit amount of €0.10 when purchasing eligible drink containers, to be refunded when the empty container is returned for recycling.

Žiedine Ekonomika

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Žiedine Ekonomika (Circular Economy) is a Lithuanian association promoting a circular economy. This non-profit organisation networks local, national and European public authorities with companies to help develop circular business models in Lithuania.