Your opinion counts!

25 May 2020

In the past two months, the world has faced significant changes. And the way towards our socio-economic recovery will depend more than ever on innovation, co-creation and partnerships.
In this context, the Circular Economy Action Plan and the Green Deal are undoubtedly important pillars. They could and should connect the bio-based sector with others and stakeholders.

The Effective project, at the origin of the questionnaire, is supported by Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU).The survey is designed for stakeholders already active or just stepping into the bio-based sector to share their opinions. Its purpose is to gather the points of view on the potential bio-based impact on the circular economy transition and green recovery.

The results will serve as inspiration and direction for further consultation as well to create robust, sustainable and vivid bio-based circular economy partnerships and solutions – right now and in the future.