Learn how to Design Circular Business Models

The take-make-waste business model generates broken supply chains, resource scarcity and volatility in inputs price. They urgently need a rethink, a reboot, a redesign.

In the course Design Circular Business Models, you will understand how to evaluate a socio-economic system and its situation. You will grasp the fundamentals of system design within a business ecosystem. You will be able to articulate and translate business choices into positive and negative impacts. This course is in 4 modules:

  1. Know the current system and its status
  2. Understand how to design the desired system
  3. Translate business information into positive and negative impacts
  4. Create a resilient, regenerative business model with circular economy principles.

Finally, you will design a resilient, profitable and regenerative business model by using circular economy principles in the Circular Canvas. This course will provide you with the essentials of circular design, considering the ecosystem and user needs to design business models with positive impacts.