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The Fair Plastic Alliance: give plastic a second life - and people a better one

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Italy, Other (Nigeria, South Africa)

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The Fair Plastic Alliance believes that plastic waste management based on a not-for-private-profit business model is a powerful solution to generate a positive impact on the environment and on the society as a whole, in both developed and developing countries. It is a multi-stakeholder network spreading social responsibility in plastic waste management.

ICESP - Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

ICESP aims to create a point of national convergence on initiatives, experiences, critical issues, perspectives and expectations on the circular economy that Italy wants and can represent in Europe, promoting the Italian way for circular economy.

El Ouidane: biowaste revives an oasis and keeps the desert at bay

By initiating collection and composting practices into a 1500 inhabitants city district, the El Ouidane project aims to combat the desertification and to protect a fragile environment such as oases.

Educational Campaign in Italian Schools on waste and circular economy

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Everything is transformed - a new look at waste is an educational campaign. It aims to involve students from secondary and primary schools in Italy to promote a more circular approach to waste management.

Green Deal Circular Procurement


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Circular Procurement
Commitment Targets
Circular Procurement (public + private)
To be achieved by: 
June 2019

Buyers have committed themselves to successfully completing two circular purchasing projects between June 2017 and June 2019. In practice they will choose 1 or more goals that will guide them towards circular products & services.

These goals are:

- Reduce total amount of materials
- Reduce non-renewable virgin input
- Extend the use/lifetime of products
-Optimize the potential Reuse of products&components
-Optimize the potential Recycling of products& materials