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Distribution d’eau; assainissement, gestion des déchets et dépollution

The Waste Transformers: Turning food waste into valuable resources on-site

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The Waste Transformers transforms organic (food) waste in an anaerobic digester called a Waste Transformer housed in 20-foot shipping containers into clean energy, water and high-grade fertiliser whilst also upcycling the waste into new raw materials for paper, textiles or soaps. They do this all on-site where the waste is produced. No transport, no CO2.

ecoBirdy: Children’s furniture made from recycled plastic toys

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EcoBirdy has come up with a way to recycle mixed plastics, and then uses the resulting material to make recyclable children's furniture.

Refind's Battery Refund machine: old batteries in, coupons for new batteries out


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Coop Norway, Energizer and Swedish Refind Technologies have come up with a battery refund machine. People can drop off dead household batteries and walk away with coupons to put towards the price of new batteries.

Aerocircular: upcycling end-of-life aircraft parts

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Aerocircular provides green, service-only, economical end-of-life aircraft recycling and upcycling services to fleet owners.

Herning and DFD do their bit to keep useable clothes in use

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The partnership between Herning and DFD has led to a new circular business model for the work clothing used by the municipality’s technical operations department.

Purrot: A self-cleaning vibrating Rotor-filter to separate manure or treat waste water


PURROT is a filter  that can mechanically separate organic matter and nutrients from liquid, without using chemicals.

Circular Soap in Park Split Hotel, Croatia


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The Croatian project titled "Responsible Business for a Clean World" involves collecting unused soap in hotels and sending it to a soap factory, where it is cleaned, sterilised and recycled into new soap products, which are then offered back to customers at the hotel.