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Circular comfortable furniture, made from recovered (ocean) plastics

The chairs are made from recovered marine and coastal plastic

The company Van de Sant Innovations BV designs and manufactures comfortable sustainable furniture, made from recovered (ocean) plastics.

18 Apr 2018 to 19 Apr 2018
Conference about CE in Poland - 3Revolution: Reduce, Reuse, Recover

Conference about CE in Poland - 3Revolution: Reduce, Reuse, Recover

10 May 2018 to 11 May 2018
Registration now open: Unfolding Circular Economy Roadmaps conference

The third edition of the Circular Change Conference will be a two-day interactive stream of indoor and outdoor events. 

20 Mar 2018
Circularity and resource efficiency within the public sector in UK and Europe

Circularity and resource efficiency within the public sector.

Cement industry: protecting natural resources by reusing alternative materials

Substitution of natural resources in the Austrian cement industry

The use of alternative resources has a long tradition in the Austrian Cement Industry. The success story originally started with the processing of alternative main constituents for cement production. The recent trend reaches out further for the substitution of natural raw materials for the clinker production. For every ton of cement, almost 500 kg of alternative resources have been reused. 

SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship Programme

Amine, founder of Mornag Eco farm, an ecological farm in Tunisia

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Other (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia)

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Vocational training

The EU-funded SwitchMed Programme supports and connects stakeholders to scale-up social and eco-innovations in the Mediterranean. It promotes inclusive growth, job creation and sustainable development by supporting policy makers, eco-innovative small and medium sized enterprises, industries, start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Southern Mediterranean countries.

Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference on 20/21 February: Delivering on the Circular Economy - What's next?

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20/02/2018 to 21/02/2018

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Two years after the adoption of the first EU Circular Economy Package, more than half of the initiatives included in the Action Plan were delivered. The first Circular Economy Stakeholder Annual Conference took place in Brussels in February 2018 to discuss upcoming deliverables, explore new areas of action, and share the first achievements of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform.

SwitchMed National Action Plan Demo projects

Nardjess Mokhtari and Anis Ouazene founders of the¨Atelier Le Printemps in Algeria

The EU-funded SwitchMed Programme supports and connects stakeholders to scale-up social and eco innovations in the Mediterranean.

DGNB certification provides bonuses for applying circular economy principles in sustainable construction

Circular economy principles made assessable and measurable in the DGNB certification of sustainable districts, buildings and interiors

DGNB: The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) is a central knowledge platform for sustainable building and provides the world’s most advanced sustainable building certification system which makes Circular Economy aspects measurable and assessable.

A populated circular city set up on the site of a 12.000m2 abandoned swimming pool

BlueCity Rotterdam

BlueCity creates a much needed tangible and inspiring example for the circular economy, closing the loops and building the city and the economy of the future. Set in a deserted swimming pool, this dynamic community of circular entrepreneurs, researchers, government and education representatives serves as a breeding ground for 25+ innovative, circular companies linking their waste-streams.

Towards circular economy in the plastic packaging value chain

Towards circular economy in the plastic packaging value chain

CIRC-PACK project aims at more sustainable, efficient, competitive, integrated and interconnected plastic packaging value chain with less fossil fuel dependence.

London’s Circular Economy Route Map

London’s Circular Economy Route Map
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United Kingdom

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Andrea Crump

The London circular economy route map outlines a vision of a capital city thriving through the adoption of the principles of circular economy: an economy which keeps products, components and materials at their highest use and value at all times.

23 Feb 2018
Elaboration de la feuille de route de l'économie circulaire

Avec 1784 contributions et 16071 votes enregistrés, la première phase de la consultation du public pour l’élaboration de la feuille de route économie circulaire a été un succès.

22 Feb 2018
Global partners commit to developing a circular decision-making tool for the fashion industry

On 20 February 2018 three frontrunning companies commit to partner with Circle Economy, to develop a circular decision-making tool for the fashion and textiles industry.

20 Feb 2018

El Gobierno espagnol tiene lista su primera Estrategia de Economía Circular, que busca mejorar el aprovechamiento de los recursos para reducir el uso de materias primas.


22 Feb 2018
Appel à projets « Be Circular – be brussels 2018 »

Au programme, la présentation des grandes lignes de l’appel à projet 2018 ainsi qu’une mise à l’honneur des lauréats 2017 au travers d’une remise des prix officielle en présence des ministres.

Packaging & Circular Economy

Packaging & Circular Economy

As is the case with Mr. Jourdain, who was unaware of what he was writing, industries involved in packaging have already implemented the circular economy model. Results in material recycling are relevant proof thereof. Industries are not getting involved in this process out for ideological reasons but because it often makes sense from an economical point of view. Since we were lucky enough not to be starting from scratch, we offered a tangible approach through illustration for each main material and/or packaging category from: glass to paper, cardboard, food cartons, steel, aluminum, wood, and plastic materials. This also includes the energy consumed by the different materials and the waste produced by all the different activities involved. By digesting some of the best existing or developing practices, we wish to make the circular economy model a fully-fledged part of the packaging sector.

From construction waste to construction material: progressive recycled wood stone

Some end-use application of the wood stone manufactured by Destaclean®

Destaclean® Puukivi (Wood stone) is a progressive recycled material, of which the prepared products are ecological, lightweight, durable and easy to machine. The resulting wood stone is a composite of pure recycled wood fibre, rock minerals, cement and water.