Give your opinion on the future of the EU Ecolabel

06 Feb 2019
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Participate in the online consultation on the EU Ecolabel and contribute to the European Commission's reflection on the future of this voluntary ecolabelling scheme. This exercise aims to identify opportunities to increase uptake of the EU Ecolabel by focusing on the most promising product/service groups.

The EU Ecolabel was subject to a fitness check in 2017, the conclusions of which indicated that the European Commission should develop a more strategic approach for the EU Ecolabel. This consultation thus forms part of the study “Identification of elements for a future Strategy for the EU Ecolabel”, which is being conducted by external consultants in support of the European Commission's policy-making.

Questionnaires for target consumers, EU Ecolabel license holders, retailers, industry representatives and others will be available online until the 3rd of March 2019.

French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish versions of the questionnaire will be available soon as well.