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  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • EPS
  • PS
  • PET
  • PVC
  • PU
  • ABS
  • PA
  • Others: PC
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Since 2014, Dell has taken the plastics from old computers recovered through our recycling programs and turned the material back into new plastic parts for new products. Materials collected through our Dell Reconnect Partnership with Goodwill and our Asset Resale and Recycling Services in the United States all feed this supply chain. In addition to closed-loop plastics, we continue to use other sustainable materials in our products including post-consumer recycled plastics from open-loop sources like water cooler bottles and CD cases. Dell’s closed-loop and recycled plastic programs support our 2020 Legacy of Good goal to use 100 million pounds of recycled-content plastic and other sustainable materials in our products. Additional information on Dell’s recycled material usage can be found on our coporate site.

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    Pledged quantitiesOthers: PC