Financing local circular economy initiatives
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On 10 May 2023, the EESC hosted the event Financing local circular economy initiatives: an event for financiers and project developers organised by ACR+ in cooperation with the two Horizon Europe projects Deciso and Hoop.

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As a part of the circular economy, Eco-design is a way for enterprises to reduce the impacts of their products or services at each step of their life cycle.

Since 2012, UCM help SMEs to integrate this approach in order to make their business less impacting, but also compatible with the evolution of the reglementation, cost-effective and connected to the new customers markets.

You want to improve your life cycle management? Take opportunities in the Circular economy? Or even change your business model? Don’t hesitate to make your first step with us. We propose short and mid-term supports, customs tools and seminars, and grant research for circular projects.

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Le référentiel ELIPSE est un outil qui permet d’assurer l’évaluation et le suivi des démarches d’écologie industrielle et territoriale (EIT).

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