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Measuring the circular economy. Frameworks, Indicators and Impact Management

La medición de la economía circular. Marcos, Indicadores e Impacto en la Gestión Empresarial


Elena Ruiz , Raquel Canales, Verónica Garcia
Publication Date: 
July, 2019

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Elena Ruiz

Forética and the Task Force on Circular Economy*, which coordinates with 11 large Spanish companies, presented on 11 July 2019 the report "Measuring the circular economy. Frameworks, Indicators and Impact Management ".

The document analyzes the business opportunities in measuring circular economy in business management and contains a roadmap to support companies in this measurement.

This report identifies how to measure circularity in business using three different scopes:

  • the measurement of the physical flows,
  • the positive impact for companies from resources efficiency
  • impact on Sustainable Development Goals.

The report stresses the importance of carrying out a specific analysis of the "circularity" of each sector to advance faster in this transition, which will create 2 million jobs in Europe by 2030 according to estimates by the European Commission. The document includes a series of practical examples that illustrate how the Group companies measure their approach to the circular economy.

*The Task Force on Circular Economy consists of 11 large companies: Cerealto Siro Foods, Deloitte, Ecoembes, Ecovidrio, Endesa, IKEA Ibérica, ING, Nestlé, Red Electrica of Spain, Saica and Via Célere .

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