Ecopack Bulgaria: recycling education through innovation

Visits to Educational Centre
Target audience

Ecopack Bulgaria creates and manages systems - jointly with partner municipalities - for the separate collection of packaging waste. In 2019 such systems were set up in 88 municipalities. 

Three of Ecopack's latest and more innovative projects are aimed at raising public awareness on the separate collection and recycling of packaging waste:

  1. The Recycling School project is an online manual with eco-lessons developed for 1-12 grade pupils, which every school in the country is able to access by simple registration in a micro site. The manual provides lessons which can be easily incorporated in the school's curriculum.
  2. The Educational Centre is located next to Ecopack's latest state-of-the-art sorting lines and is 300 m2 of fun and interesting facts on recycling the various packaging materials. After some presentations at the Centre, ECOPACK offers a tour around the sorting line, where visitors can walk above all sorting processes and observe them through the transparent floor.
  3. The Old Paper for a New Book campaign gathers each year since 2012 children and their parents in recycling paper. For 5 kg of paper collected, a book is offered in exchange.

Main results:

  • Every month at least 2 groups (~30 persons) visit the Educational Center.
  • More than 250 schools in Bulgaria have already registered in the Recycling School platform and are disseminating its lessons to their pupils.
  • In 7 years of Old Paper for a New Book campaign, 48 220 young participants have collected 254,7 tonnes of paper for recycling - with the help of their parents. In this way, they have saved 3328 trees from felling and have received 55 820 new books in return.