The EU's new Circular Economy Action Plan is out!

11 Mar 2020

The new Circular Economy Action Plan – one of the main building blocks of the European Green Deal – aims to reduce the EU's consumption footprint and double its circular material use rate in the coming decade, while boosting economic growth.

What measures are foreseen?

The Action Plan puts forward a series of measures, such as making sustainable products the norm in the EU, empowering consumers and ensuring less waste. The rules will also aim to reward manufacturers of products based on their sustainability performance and link high-performance levels to incentives. Furthermore, the Commission plans to launch specific actions in a number of areas, including electronics and ICT, packaging, plastics and textiles. 

Promoting Circular Economy at international level

The Commission will continue to advocate the Circular Economy in its free-trade agreements, its bilateral, regional and multilateral policy dialogues and its international and multilateral environment agreements. The plan proposes the launch of a Global Circular Economy Alliance to explore the definition of a "Safe Operating Space".

Funding Circular Economy

The EU plans to support innovation and investments via various existing funding schemes – from the EU cohesion funds, European Regional Development Fund and the LIFE programme to spending under the social, research and innovation programmes.

More information about the Action Plan in the EC press release.