DigiCirc defines the current challenges of a Circular City through a questionnaire

28 Aug 2020
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DigiCirc is a European H2020 Innosup project gathering 11 partners led by Cap Digital. It aims to boost the circular economy using digital tools by supporting very innovative SMEs in the development and marketing of solutions, products, processes based on circular value chains thanks to 3 acceleration programs on a) Circular City, b) Blue Growth and c) Bioeconomy. 2.4 million EUR will be distributed to 90 SMEs to be selected through Open Calls.

DigiCirc launched its first engagement campaign dedicated to the thematic area of “Circular City” in July 2020. How to sustainably produce, consume and manage waste at a defined territory scale thanks to digital technology and circular economy? To answer this question, DigiCirc will run an acceleration programme on the Circular City. The beneficiaries will be selected through an open call to be launched in November 2020.

In order to define the current challenges of the Circular City to be included in the call for projects, DigiCirc is collecting the testimonies of different key actors of the market (local authorities, companies, citizens, etc.) through a questionnaire. Their answers will be analysed and discussed during a meeting with representatives of European clusters relevant to this domain. The output of this meeting will be the definition of key challenges that will appear on the call for projects.