Towards a circular economy: economic opportunities within the energy transition

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Funseam and the Repsol Foundation (Spain) are organising a cycle of conferences on circular economy and its economic opportunities for the energy transition. The sessions take place every Tuesday from 29 September to 3 November. 

The first session on 29 September will focus on economic opportunities associated with the transformation of our production model towards sustainable one. There are many projects and business initiatives that exemplify the enormous potential of the circular economy to reconcile the objectives of the economic growth and the fight against climate change. Fleeing from a theoretical approach based on business realities that are already successful, the enormous opportunities arising from the circular economy will be highlighted at the conference. Funseam and the Repsol Foundation - institutions of reference in the field of the economy of the energy sector - are empowering a new narrative of a circular culture.

At the conference, Ladeja Godina Košir will share good practices and expertise from the perspective of Circular Change and the ECESP.