Master's degree programme in Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies for Circular Economy

Training opportunities
Learning opportunities
Target audience

This course intends to provide students with interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and competencies so that they can make independent decisions within the context of sustainability.

The first year is the same for all students, focusing on the most common methods underlying green chemistry and the related industrial processes, as well as thermodynamic and catalytic processes and their application to protect the environment and implement a circular system. During the first year, students will also acquire knowledge in the fields of renewable energy technologies and the use and management of waste and water resources from a sustainable CE perspective, in terms of both the environment and socio-economic issues. Specific courses will be offered so students can gain the skills and competencies necessary to understand the relations between economic aspects and environmental sustainability.

During the second year, students can choose between:

  • Resources and product design and recycling, focusing on material-related topics
  • Energy conversion and storage, focusing on energy-related topics and issues

Students will also be required to carry out an internship, during which they will have the chance to come into contact with productive activities and apply their knowledge within a real industrial context.

Students will gain the skills needed to analyse a system’s lifecycle, and to design and implement specific CE projects, especially within the industrial sector.

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