Confindustria's circular economy project

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No one said switching to the circular economy was easy...

Companies do not always have the information, the confidence or the capacity to adopt solutions based on the circular economy. Confindustria, the biggest association representing Italian businesses, has therefore worked with 4manager and Sistemi Formativi Confindustria (SFC) to develop an initiative enabling companies and management to share information, experiences and good practices. The initiative targets opportunities provided by the circular economy model, encourages knowledge-sharing and raises awareness about good practices being implemented in Italy.

Researchers will contribute to the project, which will entail local workshops, webinars and a competition to identify businesses which are standouts when it comes to the circular economy. The project aims to explain what the circular economy has to offer and how it can affect businesses and the entire economic system.



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The project involves workshops and online webinars, as well as a competition to identify the best-performing companies in the circular economy.