Lignofuels 2023

The Lignofuels 2023 live conference will take place in Helsinki on 8-9 February 2023. It will give participants an insight into the current challenges and opportunities for the industry, and provide updates on and future forecasts for the latest technology trends for this industry.

This event will feature many interactive sessions, presentations and case studies from key industry players and provide excellent opportunities for live networking with your senior peers, including leaders from advanced generation biofuels companies from across the globe represented by technical, strategic and business development executives from first and advanced generation biofuels producers, oil refiners, process technology providers, enzyme developers, engineering firms and agribusiness as well as financiers, investors, policy & regulators, automotive & aviation industries, consultants, traders & brokers and chemical companies.

Key topics will be

  • Lignofuels market overview
  • Dealing with the current challenges in the lignofuels industry
  • Scaling up the lignofuels industry
  • Improving the circularity of lignofuels production and use
  • Future markets for lignofuels
  • Improving the profitability of lignofuels
  • Future technology in the lignofuels industry
  • Updates on regulation and its effects on the lignofuels industry
  • Achieving long-term sustainability in lignofuel feedstocks.

Click here for more information, such as the agenda, call for papers and tickets.