Circularity Academy: a gamified learning platform to boost the adoption of circular skills

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Learning opportunities
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According to Linkedin's Green Skills Gap report, closing the green skills gap is crucial to enabling a circular economy. Circularity Academy is a gamified e-learning platform that boosts mass adoption of these skills. It aims to teach people how to challenge linearity and adopt the basics of circularity.

Clients can select the parts of the programme that best suit their needs, from a fun activity to a fully-fledged training course. Reading materials, videos, questionnaires and individual and team minigames are available. The programme is intended for companies which are just starting to go circular and need to establish the basics for all their staff.

Through Circularity Academy you can

  • Grow engagement and awareness
  • Create collective understanding
  • Monitor and boost progress.

This is a fee-paying service for companies.