100 Italian Circular Economies Stories

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Circular Economy

The Symbola Foundation, Enel & CSR Europe are organising a conference on “100 Italian Circular Economy Stories” on November 15 in Brussels. At this conference, key stakeholders from business, civil society and government will present this extensive report on made-in-Italy circular economy and further explore how collaboration led to European frontrunners in circular economy, synonymous not only with beauty and quality, but also innovation and sustainability.

The "100 Italian Circular Economy Stories" conference will focus on the innovative and collaborative aspects of these Italian circular economy stories, while framing them in a wider European business and policy context.

What can we learn from the Italian circular economy stories?

  • Environmental challenges point to new opportunities and the circular economy is one of the most exciting and promising of these opportunities.
  • Circular economy creates new opportunities for this specific collaborative capacity, which forms part of the DNA of the entire Italian production system.
  • New production models renew and enrich the natural flair for Italian design.

Although poor in natural resources, Italy ranks first in the EU on the level of secondary raw materials and second in the industrial recycling of non-hazardous waste and material consumption efficiency. These results can be attributed to a virtuous synergy between innovation by companies, research & training by universities and the promotion of new manufacturing processes by business associations.

Register here to attend the conference and hear more about Italy's successes in the circular economy.