6 guidelines to empower financial decision-making in the circular economy

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This paper 6 guidelines to empower financial decision-making in the circular economy aims to outline the new role financiers have to play to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. How can they change their own operations to better align with those of circular entrepreneurs? How should they judge the risks and opportunities that are presented by circular business models? What new dangers and securities do these new business models bring? What role can they play in this new economy?

This guide will help financiers thrive in the circular economy through 6 practical guidelines:
  1. Assess Different Securities
  2. Emphasise Relationship-based Financing
  3. Value Natural Capital Gains
  4. Become a Knowledge Partner
  5. Have a Long-term Vision
  6. Become a Financial Chain Director

The system shift to the circular economy fundamentally changes the role of both the entrepreneur as well as the financier. In order to overcome this change, entrepreneurs and financiers need to find each other in this new economy.