Circul'R: Unlocking the circular economy's potential

Training opportunities
Target audience

Circul'R is an international network of circular economy startups.

Its mission is to unlock the circular economy's potential by connecting innovative startups with companies so that they can co-create solutions to accelerate their transition towards the circular economy.

Its main services are:

  • raising awareness (conferences to explain circular economy by presenting the most innovative circular solutions),
  • learning expeditions (bringing people on the field to meet with circular economy entrepreneurs and their projects),
  • consultancy (business opportunities, funding, etc.),
  • Circul'R Club (bringing together large companies and startups with the objective of co-creating concrete projects in the field of circular economy: waste management, eco-design, new business models, etc.).

Circul'R has already provided training and consulting missions with over 20 multinationals, like Decathlon, Danone, Vinci, Heineken, and others, which has led to concrete actions such as reducing waste during a summer festival, recycling construction materials, creating a plastic-free canteen, etc.