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Policy Recommendations: Towards a Zero Waste Textiles Industry

Policy Recommendations: Towards a Zero Waste Textiles Industry

Interreg NWE Fibersort project
Publication Date: 
November, 2019

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Policy recommendations for European, national and local governments (municipalities, cities)
Hilde van Duijn

The Fibersort project aims at realising the widespread implementation of the automated sorting technology by validating it as a key value adding innovation to enable textile-to-textile recycling.

While the challenges and opportunities of used textiles are increasingly in the spotlight of governments, industry, and civil society, considerable system changes are required to transition towards a circular economy for textiles. Throughout this report, policy recommendations are formulated showing the legislative, economic and soft instruments that regional, national and the European governments have at their disposal to create an enabling environment for textiles collection, sorting and recycling at scale.