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Textiles, apparel and leather

24 Nov 2022 to 25 Nov 2022
Circulariti 2022

Circularity is a new dedicated annual circular economy conference organised by Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub). Circularity 2022 aims to propel the Asian-Pacific region’s economy into the future by showcasing the best of circular design, practice and research. The event brings thought leaders together to discuss solutions and catalyse action across the Asian-Pacific region.

12 Sep 2022
Navarra Circular Economy Awards 2022

The students' call for Circular Economy Innovative Projects (Navarra Circular Economy Awards 2022) is open until 25 September 2022. It is geared to the textile and plastics sectors as well as food industries. The call seeks to identify vocational education and training final projects, final degree projects, Master's final projects, PhD theses or similar developed by students.

    27 Sep 2022
    DiCE Lab webinar on AI

    On 27 September 2022 Digital Circular Economy Lab organizes a webinar together with Cognizant on Artificial intelligence for a circular economy.

    13 Oct 2022
    csrTAG 2022

    At the 17th annual Austrian csrTAG conference on Artificial Intelligence & Circular Economy: What responsible economy must achieve for society more than 50 speakers will pass on their knowledge in 10 programme points and 6 breakout sessions. The keynotes and speeches, panel discussions and practical workshops will provide new scenarios for development of a sustainable future.

    With the help of artificial intelligence, one aims to create the transformation to a more circular economy, preserving the value of products, materials and resources within the economy for as long as possible and generating as little waste as possible. The topical sessions include: textiles, food, plastics, packaging, electronics and ICT, construction industry and buildings.

    06 Oct 2022
    Circular Business Roundtable

    INNOWO invites stakeholders to take part and present their companies at the online roundtable session on 6 October 2022 during Circular Week 2022. Six thematic in-depth virtual discussions will take place with entrepreneurs representing companies developing innovative and sustainable solutions from a particular branch of the circular economy: Waste Management, Textiles, Food & Bioeconomy, Packaging, Construction and Online Platforms & Sharing Economy.

    Czech Circular Hotspot

    Czech circular hotspot

    The Czech Circular Hotspot's (CCH) mission is to facilitate cross-sectoral and international cooperation in the field of circular economy. The ambition of the platform is to create a space where public and private sector can cooperate to accelerate the transition towards Czech circular economy.

    The CCH is organized by the Institute for Circular Economy which is a non-governmental organisation that promotes circular economy principles since 2014. INCIEN is built on 5 pillars:

    1. Czech Circular Hotspot
    2. Academy
    3. Think-tank
    4. Consultancy
    5. Advocacy.


    26 Sep 2022

    In March 2022, the European Commission released its EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles in the Circular Economy Action Plan framework. The strategy aims at setting a framework to boost the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of the EU textile sector.

    Six months after its release, where do we stand? Join the ECESP leadership group on Textile and all speakers during this #EUCircularTalks event on 26 September, from 14:30 - 16:00 CEST, to discuss the EU textile strategy, its implementation and vision for the current textile industry.

    27 Jun 2022

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    To celebrate Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day, 10 innovative projects by #CirCoAX30 will be presented to promote inclusiveness and empower these 10 businesses. The key role played by fashion and textile entrepreneurs in the green transition will be celebrated by sharing good practices and innovative solutions.

    31 May 2022

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    The European Commission's Directorate-General for Environment is organising an information session on Circular Economy - Designed to last: sustainable and connected products in connection with Green Week.

    03 Oct 2022 to 09 Oct 2022
    Circular Week 2022

    The Circular Week is an international series of events and initiatives dedicated to circular economy and sustainable development all over Europe. It aims to promote the idea of circular economy, support sustainable business models and establish cooperation between stakeholders.

    Its 5th edition, from 3 to 9 October 2022, will include workshops, debates, meetings, expert panels and matchmaking sessions for business. Its culminating event is the Mazovia Circular Congress on 7 October.

    Tackling root causes - Halting biodiversity loss through the circular economy

    Tackling root causes - Halting biodiversity loss through the circular economy


    Tim Forslund, Ashley Gorst, Charlie Briggs, Deven Azevedo, Robin Smale
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    Circular economy interventions in four key sectors can halt global biodiversity loss and help the world's biodiversity recover, finds this study.

    Tackling root causes - Halting biodiversity loss through the circular economy, written by experts from Sitra and Vivid Economics, is the first to quantify the role a circular economy can play in tackling global biodiversity loss, targeting the four sectors with the largest impacts:

    • food and agriculture
    • construction
    • textiles
    • forest and forestry

    Circular interventions in these sectors can halt biodiversity loss even if no other action is taken. And more than that, the study finds that the world’s biodiversity can recover to 2000 levels by 2035, if the circular interventions are implemented.

    13 Jun 2022
    Tackling root causes

    A circular economy plays a key role in halting and reversing global biodiversity loss. Join the webinar on 13 June to discuss the findings of Sitra’s new study and its linkages to key business and policy measures.

    17 May 2022
    Circular City Actions and Solutions

    The second Circular City Centre (C3) webinar in the morning of 17 May will focus on circular city actions and solutions. A new C3 guidance document on this topic will be presented and cities will share information and experiences about their circular actions and initiatives.

    19 Apr 2022

    In the context of a three-year project on “Innovative Business Practices and Economic Models in the Textile Value Chain” (InTEX), UNEP is seeking an Implementing Partner to support its impact assessment work on sustainable economic pathways for sustainable and circular textiles. The deadline for submitting proposals is 16 May 2022.

    Research: best criteria for the new EU strategy for sustainable textiles and the Ecodesign directive

    Ecodesign criteria for consumer textiles


    Edwin Maes, Stijn Devaere & Philippe Colignon (Centexbel), Jasmien Wynants (Flanders DC), Bram Soenen & Nancy Dasilva (FOD), Tom Duhoux & Evelien Dils (VITO), Bruno Eggermont (Fedustria)
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    Evelyn Lafond Contact details

    This research project lists ecodesign criteria for circular fashion and textiles.

    It focused on giving consumer textiles a longer lifespan with optimal reuse potential, making disassembly and recovery possible, and exploring upcycling and high-quality recycling. Extending the life of textile products turned out to have the greatest impact in the short term. Quality seems to be the most impactful ecodesign criterion when it comes to improving the sustainability and circularity of consumer textiles as quickly as possible.

    The project defined seven product categories, identifying a set of minimum criteria for each. The report looks at existing labels, standards and regulations and the authors hope it will help expand the Ecodesign Directive by adding a textile category.

    CISUFLO: minimising the environmental impact of the EU flooring sector


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    The project, funded under Horizon 2020, aims to develop a systemic circular approach to floor coverings.

    15 Jun 2022

    After two years of cancellations due to COVID-19, EuRIC is delighted to announce that the European Recycling Conference is back and will take place on 14-15 June 2022 at IFEMA in Madrid.

    The 4th conference will offer unique networking opportunities, brief participants on the latest regulatory and business developments and be part of the International Recycling and Recovery Trade Fair in Madrid which attracts over 10 000 visitors and 200 exhibition stands. The event will bring together top-level executives from companies, federation leaders and officials from EU institutions.

    22 Mar 2022

    The EU-funded Fashion For Change 2022 Accelerator Programme aims to support designers, innovators and startups from the European textiles and fashion industry in this transition. Applicants are invited to team up and submit their proposals for the Accelerator Open Call by 19 April.

    Laboratorio Cartiera: leather and a social conscience!

    Cartiera logo

    The Italian Cartiera is an ethical fashion workshop founded in Lama di Reno, Marzabotto in 2017 which makes leather and fabric items.

    Believing strongly that work is an extraordinary tool for social inclusion, Cartiera offers paths for employment and integration of disadvantaged people, mainly refugees and asylum seekers.

    Recovo: linking up sellers and buyers of deadstock fabric

    recovo logo

    Recovo is a B2B platform located in Spain which specialises in selling on deadstock fabric which would otherwise be classified as textile waste.

    The platform helps EU-based brands and suppliers to give a second life to unused fabric: this reduces the amount of resources needed to meet buyers' needs and cuts down on the amount of waste to be processed. The platform uploads photos and information on fabric remnants put up for sale by producers which can then earn money from products rather than paying for waste disposal. Buyers can order samples, then buy as much of the fabric as they want which is delivered straight to them. 

    A user-friendly platform promoting circularity and combating waste!

    01 Mar 2022

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    Austria, Germany


    Just say no to textile waste! In order to identify the potential for circular business practices and fabric recycling, it is important to understand the availability and usage of post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste in production and consumption countries.