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Circular economy as a climate strategy: current knowledge and calls-to-action

Circular economy as a climate strategy: current knowledge and calls-to-action



Working Paper
Ke Wang, Milo Costanza-van den Belt, Garvin Heath, Julien Walzberg, Taylor Curtis, Jack Barrie, Patrick Schröder, Leah Lazer, Juan Carlos Altamirano
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This working paper outlines how a circular economy (CE) can help avert the climate crisis. It outlines nine calls-to-action to take to maximise CE benefits in order to help limit warming to 1.5 ̊C and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

  1. Shift consumption patterns
  2. Stimulate product circularity from the design phase
  3. Incorporate circularity across clean energy value chains
  4. Integrate CE strategies into national climate policies and plans
  5. Incentivise cross-border greenhouse gas emission reductions
  6. Connect CE metrics with climate change impacts
  7. Increase transparency and comparability in modelling methodologies
  8. Apply systemic and context-specific impact assessment to inform decision-making
  9. Investigate the role of CE in climate change adaptation.


01 Dec 2022
 EIT Community on Circular Economy presents The Future is Circular!

On Thursday 1 December 2022, the EIT Community on Circular Economy will be holding a day of celebration to mark its recent activities within the community and to look forward to what is coming up next. This hybrid event will also host the EIT Circular Economy Prize awarding ceremony. Join the livestream and find out more about Europe’s circular future!

01 Dec 2022
Level(s) webinar 1 December 2022

A webinar on 1 December to learn how the Level(s) tools can help implement core indicators to assess and report on the sustainability performance of buildings.

06 Dec 2022

The World Circular Economy Forum 2022 presents circular economy game-changers. Hosted in Kigali and online on 6-8 December 2022, WCEF2022 is co-organised by the African Circular Economy Alliance, the Republic of Rwanda, the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) and The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, with international partners. The title for this year's event is 'From Africa to the World'.

06 Dec 2022 to 08 Dec 2022

Taking place in Africa for the first time, the World Circular Economy Forum 2022 brings together forward-looking thinkers and doers and presents circular economy game-changers. Hosted in Kigali, Rwanda and online on 6-8 December 2022, WCEF2022 is co-organised by the African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA), the Republic of Rwanda, the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) and The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, with international partners. The title for this year's event is 'From Africa to the World'. Free of charge, open to all online. In-person participation is by invitation only.

03 Nov 2022
The Level(s) Webinar

Don’t miss the European Commission’s webinar on 3 November "Assessing the whole life carbon performance of buildings using Level(s)".
Level(s) is the European common language for sustainable buildings.

17 Nov 2022
CINDERELA Project Final Conference

Construction work using secondary raw materials recovered from selected waste streams at local level may offer genuine opportunities for cities and construction companies with circular ambitions. The Horizon 2020 CINDERELA project presents technical solutions tested in the real environment and a digital tool enabling cities and the construction sector to create business environments for circular construction projects based on locally available resources.

The conference on CinderOSS - a tool for building circular construction digital hubs in cities will take place on 17 November at 9:30-12:30 CET. It is the final event of the H2020 CINDERELA project, a European initiative striving to make urban construction more circular by recovering and using secondary raw materials that are available locally. It is a side event of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) taking place in Barcelona on 15-17 November 2022.

22 Nov 2022 to 24 Nov 2022
Nordic Circular Summit 2022

The Nordic Circular Summit is a hybrid summit exploring circular economy in the Nordic region, hosted by Nordic Circular Hotspot and Nordic Innovation. Participants in the event will learn about the region's tremendous circular opportunities—with events offering talks, debates, panel discussions and workshops on topics such as circular tools, regenerative models and materials, communicating circularity, business and finance, energy and resources, construction, manufacturing and much more.

22 Nov 2022

Infrastructure makes up a significant part of the built environment and is the backbone of a healthy economy. Delivering infrastructure, however, is becoming increasingly challenging. The sector has a significant environmental impact from material use, waste production and CO2 emissions.

As European economies are highly material import dependent, closing infrastructure material cycles at the European level is essential to address these challenges. It reduces pressure on the environment, enhances material supply security, increases competitiveness, innovation, and growth and creates jobs. But how can we achieve that? What challenges and opportunities for closing material cycles in infrastructure through European cooperation?

The ECESP leadership group on Building and Infrastructure invites you to identify blind spots and activate European cooperation for closing infrastructure material cycles. Join our panellists in an open discussion about closing material cycles at the EU level: what are the stakes, obstacles, and opportunities? What should be arranged at the EU level from a policy and market perspective to make that happen? Can the different value chain stakeholders collaborate on that?

13 Oct 2022

The 20th edition of #EURegionsWeek under the motto New Challenges for Europe’s cohesion is approaching and registrations are now open! The online info session “Implementing circular systemic solutions in cities and regions” will take place on Wednesday 13 October, 12:30 – 13:30 CEST.

Neue Effizienz gemeinnützige GmbH

Neue Effizienz

Neue Effizienz is an institution for knowledge transfer and research in the area of energy and resource efficiency based in Wuppertal, Germany. As a regional association, it is funded by the municipalities, public utilities and regional economic development institutions of Wuppertal, Solingen and Remscheid.

Neue Effizienz promotes innovation as well as science and technology transfer in the fields of energy, circular economy, new mobility and smart cities. bergisch.metall, a competence network for the metal industry, fouses on the circular economy; the bergisch.circular project assists the municipalities with the establishment of intermunicipal structures and initiatives supporting the circular transformation.

24 Nov 2022 to 25 Nov 2022
Circulariti 2022

Circularity is a new dedicated annual circular economy conference organised by Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub). Circularity 2022 aims to propel the Asian-Pacific region’s economy into the future by showcasing the best of circular design, practice and research. The event brings thought leaders together to discuss solutions and catalyse action across the Asian-Pacific region.

12 Oct 2022

In October 2020 the European Commission launched Level(s), the new EU common language for assessing the sustainability performance of buildings.

At this year's European Week of Regions and Cities, the Commission will be running a special webinar to show how Level(s) can help the buildings sector contribute to EU climate and circularity objectives within cities and regions.

19 Sep 2022

The NONTOX EU Project is holding a webinar titled "NONTOX – Improving circularity of hazardous plastics" on 19 September 2022 at 13:00 - 14:30 EEST (12:00 - 13:30 CEST).

Experts from plastic value chain will discuss the current challenges in plastics recycling, as a results of the NONTOX project activities. Moreover, ecodesign guidelines and recommendations for several actors in the value chain will be proposed, along with opportunities and examples of best practices.

The seminar will be held in the framework of the annual exhibition Designs for a Cooler Planet organised by the Aalto University in Finland.

27 Sep 2022
DiCE Lab webinar on AI

On 27 September 2022 Digital Circular Economy Lab organizes a webinar together with Cognizant on Artificial intelligence for a circular economy.

13 Oct 2022
csrTAG 2022

At the 17th annual Austrian csrTAG conference on Artificial Intelligence & Circular Economy: What responsible economy must achieve for society more than 50 speakers will pass on their knowledge in 10 programme points and 6 breakout sessions. The keynotes and speeches, panel discussions and practical workshops will provide new scenarios for development of a sustainable future.

With the help of artificial intelligence, one aims to create the transformation to a more circular economy, preserving the value of products, materials and resources within the economy for as long as possible and generating as little waste as possible. The topical sessions include: textiles, food, plastics, packaging, electronics and ICT, construction industry and buildings.

06 Oct 2022
Circular Business Roundtable

INNOWO invites stakeholders to take part and present their companies at the online roundtable session on 6 October 2022 during Circular Week 2022. Six thematic in-depth virtual discussions will take place with entrepreneurs representing companies developing innovative and sustainable solutions from a particular branch of the circular economy: Waste Management, Textiles, Food & Bioeconomy, Packaging, Construction and Online Platforms & Sharing Economy.

Tarkett pioneers the Material and Product Passport concept with the Material Health Statement

Tarkett has launched an independently verified (by EPEA), science-based declaration highlighting the health hazards and risks of materials in a particular product. By introducing this Material Health Statement (MHS), Tarkett completes the environmental data provided by the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and complements its indicators.

Circular flooring partnership by Tarkett & IKEA

Tarkett & IKEA circular project

Tarkett is pioneering post-use flooring recycling in Europe. It is working with IKEA to transform used Tarkett flooring from the IKEA Kungens Kurva store into new flooring.

20 Oct 2022

Construction materials and products represent about 50% of all raw materials extracted from the earth's crust. Construction and demolition activities represent 50% of all waste generated.

The ECESP Leadership Group on Buildings and Infrastructure invites you to attend this #EUCircularTalks on 20 October from 10:00 to noon CEST. Join the expert panel to find out just how effective the construction system is in using secondary materials from the supply chain and the advantages of that in terms of CO2 emissions and embodied energy using secondary materials.

Registration is now open.

07 Oct 2022
Mazovia Circular Congress

Mazovia Circular Congress is the closing day of Circular Week 2022 and will take place in Warsaw on 7 October 2022. This international hybrid event will involve the participation of small and large firms, start-ups, investors, representatives of public administrations and local governments, enterprises, managers dealing with sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, and the media.

Czech Circular Hotspot

Czech circular hotspot

The Czech Circular Hotspot's (CCH) mission is to facilitate cross-sectoral and international cooperation in the field of circular economy. The ambition of the platform is to create a space where public and private sector can cooperate to accelerate the transition towards Czech circular economy.

The CCH is organized by the Institute for Circular Economy which is a non-governmental organisation that promotes circular economy principles since 2014. INCIEN is built on 5 pillars:

  1. Czech Circular Hotspot
  2. Academy
  3. Think-tank
  4. Consultancy
  5. Advocacy.