Circular Change's activities in 2019

For Circular Change, 2019 was another year full of new and often unforeseen experiences. Last year, the team:

- lectured, presented and delivered keynote speeches at more than 50 events in 15 different countries, from Japan to the USA
- engaged in 10 different circular economy projects both in Slovenia and further afield
- participated in 4 international juries on circular economy
- contributed to 4 international expert reports, opinions and studies
- promoted international collaboration between the EU and Japan, Latin America, Western Balkans, and the USA.

Some of Circular Change's highlights in 2019:

  • Building alliances with the climate change community at COP25 in Madrid

  • Sending a circular message for 2020 in the Getting into the Loop podcast
  • Leading the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform into 2020

  • Helping to launch Serbia's circular economy strategy
  • Touring the USA with Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow
  • Bringing Circular Change to the Bled Strategic Forum 2019 
  • Building a bridge to Northern Europe through new partnerships and collaboration with the Nordic countries
  • Co-creating the circular bioeconomy through the EFFECTIVE project
  • Creating PLUS with Laško Union (Heineken Int.)
  • Promoting Slovenian circular designers with the Centre for Creativity (CzK)
  • Spending a month at Doshisha University in Kyoto

  • Organising the 4th Circular Change Conference
  • Facilitating dialogue between Ljubljana and its young citizens