European Commission issues guidelines on shipment of waste in the context of the Coronavirus crisis

16 Apr 2020
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European companies dealing with waste continue providing an essential service to society even in these difficult times. The Commission works with the Member States to keep the green lanes for waste open so that it can be shipped without delay, become the resource for another industry or get its most appropriate treatment in the EU. This is an essential task to protect Europe's health and environment, and keep the circular economy moving ahead.

The purpose of the Commission document Shipments of waste in the EU in the context of the Coronavirus crisis is to ensure a common approach to securing the continuation of waste shipments across the EU while maintaining a high level of protection of public health and the environment in the exceptional circumstances created by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Based on identified best practices, and in line with the legal framework in place, the document provides guidance to the competent authorities in the Member States, economic operators and all relevant stakeholders with a view to:

  • preventing and reducing possible obstacles to cross-border movements of waste within the EU, and
  • facilitating the implementation of EU rules on waste shipments.