Amsterdam embraces Green Recovery through the 'Doughnut model' - a City Dialogue by EUROCITIES

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The City of Amsterdam decided to use the 'Doughnut model' for its post-crisis economy. The principle of the model developed by Oxford economist Kate Raworth is that the goal of economic activity should be about meeting the core needs of all people, within the means of the planet.

“I think it can help us overcome the effects of the crisis”, Amsterdam’s deputy mayor Marieke van Doorninck told the British newspaper The Guardian. "It might look strange that we are talking about the period after that, but as a government we have to. It is to help us not to fall back on easy mechanisms". The Doughnut model has been formally embraced by the municipality of Amsterdam as the starting point for public policy decisions in April 2020.

On 28 May EUROCITIES will host a City Dialogue with the City of Amsterdam on how to rebuild the economy with the 'Doughnut model'. The online meeting will take place from 14h30 to 16h00 and include a presentation by the City of Amsterdam, followed by a Q&A session with participants.

To attend the meeting please register here.