Crowdfunding campaign: A Forest for J.S. Bach and climate protection

30 Oct 2020
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To offset the CO2 footprint of the Bachfest, which every year draws Bach friends from all over the world to Leipzig (DE), organisers aim to plant 72 acres of mixed forest on a former opencast mining site over the next few years.

By planting the new Bach Forest on the western shore of Störmthal Lake near Leipzig, the Bachfest has chosen the most effective way of combating climate change: the forest will protect the climate, store CO2, protect the soil and enhance this local recreation area. Altogether, 126 000 trees and more than 3 600 shrubs are to be planted until 2026, which will enable it to fix up to 290 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

The Bachfest crowdfunding campaign objective is to fund the first three hectares. Organisers hope that their campaign will set an example! Whatever the case, the model is transferable to other festivals. Of course, the Bach Forest near Störmthal is exclusive, but there is room for a forest at every festival site. From Wagner Woods to Beethoven's Grove, the hope is that luxuriant woodland will spring up for each and every composer to whom a festival is dedicated.