EU Regions moving to a Circular Economy - Policy Lab for stakeholders

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In February 2021, Veltha published the first outcome of Policy Lab 2.0, covering the challenges and solutions for a just and equitable transition towards a circular economy within the EU.

This pulication comprises insights collected during the collaboration between regional officers and private stakeholders in two separate webinars. The paper was submitted to the European Parliament committees active in promoting circular economy programmes.

Overview: the Policy Lab is a platform where European regions and stakeholders working on circular economy projects can collaborate, explore possible scenarios and co-design solutions for better policies to deliver an equitable transition. Every three months, it asks a general research question. This is tackled by breaking it down into three main sub-questions; one of these sub-questions is discussed each month, and all participants contribute.

The next main research question put to the regions will be: “EU regions moving to a circular economy: which kind of tools?” The sub-questions addressed during the first webinar for regions will be: “What are the tools currently used in your regions for the transition towards a circular economy, if any?” and “How do you evaluate their effectiveness?” This will form the basis for our discussion, which will follow up on the discussions held at regional level.

This is a great opportunity for you to contribute to shaping the European path towards circularity!

To attend the Policy Lab event on 26 March 2021 starting at 10 a.m. (CET), click here.