A global initiative to promote responsible and circular electronics

The Circular Electronics Initiative drives communication activities, including the #CircularElectronicsDay. The initiative keeps growing and more and more organisations are backing its activities (3stepIT, Advania, Aliter Networks, ATEA, Blocket, Chalmers Industriteknik, Circular Computing, Cistor, Closing the Loop, Dell, Dustin, ETIRA, European Remanufacturing Council, GIAB, Inrego, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, Lenovo, Recipo, Smithereens, TCO Development, and Tradera).

The goal of the Circular Electronics Initiative is to create awareness around the need for a longer life for electronic products and greater recirculation of all materials while minimising waste. To access the check-list for a more circular and sustainable management of IT, please click here.

To help consumers and buyers, the organisations behind the initiative have developed the quiz What do you know about circularity and electronics? Do participate in the quiz to test your circular electronics knowledge!